Atheist Society

Lecture Programme
Second Tuesday of the month at 8 pm. Unitarian Church Hall, 110 Grey Street, East Melbourne. (Opposite the old Mercy Hospital). Melways Map 2G, D2. Admission free, no prior booking necessary, all welcome. The talk usually goes for 45-60 minutes. A question-to-the-speaker period follows the lecture.

11 Aug Graeme Lindenmayer (
“What if you are wrong?”
08 Sept Jonathan Carter (Omnitheon)
“God the Father and the Slaughter of Sons”
13 Oct Royston Wilding (Melbourne atheist)
“Feminism and Atheism: a Scientific Perspective”
10 Nov Heather McLaughlin (
“Atheist Charity: The Kiva ‘A+’ Team”
08 Dec Rev Dr Paul Tonson (Progressive Agnostic Christian)
“The Gods I Don’t Believe In: Theism, Atheism and A-Theism”
09 Feb Rick Barker (Progressive Atheists)
“Miocene African Apes: Our Anthropod Ancestors”
08 Mar Graeme Lindenmayer (
“A Universe from Nothing”
12 April Christ Guest (Victorian Skeptics)
“Questioning the Historicity of Jesus”

For those who are happy to accept that there is no credible scientific or factually reliable evidence for the existence of a god or gods or the supernatural.

For further information, contact David Miller, Secretary. Telephone: 03 9467 2063
Mail: PO Box 1111, Bundoora, Victoria 3083, Australia.

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